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Full Version: odd geometry added to iges import
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I am running V7 Build 1.6 rev 53086.
I use Solid Edge for my CAD design and on a few occasions I have seen odd geometry on my imported models.
I recently started using Lathe and this has been a problem in defining stock. I have worked around the issue by creating a cross section and delting the original model then turning the cross section. But I want to know what is going on here. I have also re-modeled the part, saved it in all the different formats that Sprut recognizes and it still happens. Has anyone seen this ? Or more importantly have a fix for it.
I will attach a screenshot and the project file and the original iges. (added .txt to end of iges file for upload)

Thanks in advance

Hi Scott, welcome to the SprutCAM forum.

What is happening with these models is very strange. I am no expert with the inner workings of CAD models, but this appears to be a surface 'trimming' issue of some sort.
When I opened your model in Rhino3D and turned on 'Control points' (see attached image) it shows the part as being quite a bit larger than it appears........this is not wrong, but it does show that the model is constructed using 'trimmed' faces.
There are basically two ways to construct a face: trimmed or bounded. Trimming uses 'curves' to trim away any extra 'construction' area's of a face, which doesn't really delete these area's, but essentially just changes their is possible to see this by using the untrim function in Rhino.
A bounded face uses the curves as the boundary for the face.............the face is constructed from the curves rather than being trimmed by them.

What you can see in SprutCAM is an artefact of the trimmed face(s) produced by SolidEdge. Whether this is a problem with the way that SprutCAM is interpreting the SolidEdge faces, or, is a problem with trimming tolerance in SolidEdge, I have no idea.
I assume that you are using the SolidEdge plugin in SprutCAM to import your models? If you are, you could instead try exporting the models from SolidEdge and see what export options are available (if any). If you have an option to export faces as trimmed (type 144) or bounded (type 143) then I would select bounded and see if this gives a better result?
I have imported and then exported your model through my Kompas-3D CAD system, and this has tidied up the trimming issue (attached).

I would suggest that you pass this issue to your SprutCAM dealer so that this can be analysed by the SprutCAM software engineers to find out the actual cause.

I hope this helps.
Hi Dave and thank you for your help and the welcome.

I have discussed this with SE support and we tried several things. The first was to try different file formats. I have saved as Step, Iges ,and parasolid files and imported them directly from Sprut. All with the same result. I have also tried different approaches to the model The one in the file was created by extruding a cylinder then cutting the small diameter and adding a nose radius and chamfer. The other approach was a simple revolved protrusion to the net shape. This method produced similar but different results...still had odd lines hanging off of it. Solid edge has an inspect geometry feature which did not report any errors, line segments or small faces. SE support felt the SE was producing good clean models. I also talked to Eric at Tormach ( my reseller ) and he suggested I post the problem here.
I have included a screen shot of my only save options for iges. This is the default setting which is what I used.

Again , many thanks for your help !

Hi Scott,

I don't think that saving in a different format and then importing these into Sprut will make any difference because it will be using SE in the background to convert it to the same format (IGS?) for import into Sprut. SprutCAM does not natively accept STEP or Parasolid files.

Thanks for the screengrab of the IGS export options in SE. There isn't anything there that looks like it would solve the problem..........the only one that might be worth a try would be the 'Trim surfaces as analytics'.

Another thing to check is the 'Tolerance' settings being used by SE. If these can be easily adjusted, you could try using a slightly tighter tolerance to see if this has any impact?

Because you have already explored the options with the SE support, I would suggest that this be passed to the software engineers at Sprut Russia for their analysis. It may be that SE have made some changes to their IGS format that need adaptation in SprutCAM..........the software engineers at Sprut should be able to find the cause fairly quickly and also suggest / create a suitable solution.
I have also tested your model in SprutCAM V8, this displays the same issue.

Thanks again Dave !

I will contact Sprut Russia and report back here will the final outcome or updates. I will attach the "revolved" model just for fun. It has a hole in the nose and a long line hanging off of it. If I change the model to have a .001" flat on the nose the hole will go away but the long line remains.
I just wanted to add some more info incase it may help others in the future.

Thanks again


added .txt for upload
I have not contacted Sprut Russia yet.
I did try changeing the default save option to "Trim surfaces as analytics" and it imported fine.

So all is good.

Thank you very much for your help !


Hi Scott,

That is good news, thank you for the feedback. This will be useful information for other SolidEdge + SprutCAM users too.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them.

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