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Full Version: Mazak Nexus post rotary 4th?
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Hi All,

Anyone have a postprocessor for a Mazak Nexus with 4TH axis rotary? Eric from Sprut America sent me Some but they are not posting the A-axis moves just X & Z. Can you post them with a basic Fanuc then edit initial start blocks and tool changes? I am not familiar with Mazak ISO code. Can you post in the Mazatrol language?

I don't have a post for your Mazak machine. Mazak use their own proprietary language that would be virtually impossible to emulate. I believe that the Mazatrol control has an option to run an EIA/ISO program.
Attached is a trial HAAS postprocessor which I have added the 4th axis for a recent new customer. This has the A axis enabled. It is not fully tested, so if you use this it is completely at your own risk.

Thanks Dave,

I will proceed with care when using the code! We will be running the first part in plastic so we don't lose a part as this will be a really long program. How does the verification rate on SC? Is the simulation really close to real world results in your experience? I have noticed that I can run the operation one time and get a red flag on the page icon reset it and it goes away and I have made no changes.

There are two checks done regarding collisions. When the toolpath calculations are complete (machining mode), SprutCAM immediately calculates the machining result and does a preliminary collision check.........when complete you will see either a green tick or red exclamation mark. The Simulation method for this can be set on the 'Setup' tab for the machine: Solid - Voxel - Voxel 5D. You can also alter the accuracy of this: Low - Standard - High.
I suspect that the collision that you initially saw was possibly very marginal, hence it might show up or not......depending on the simulation model + accuracy. In machining mode I only ever treat this as a guide, I always simulate the complete process in Simulation mode.
In simulation mode you can select the 'Stop on collision' option to see if this confirms a collision..........if it does, the simulation will stop so that you can analyse the cause.
It is also possible to simulate the operations out of sequence e.g: Finishing before the roughing which will likely show a collision which wouldn't exist if the roughing is simulated first.
In Simulation mode you can right click on an operation and select 'Reset node status' to clear the preliminary collision check done in Machining mode and allow the Simulator to check for collisions instead.

Is the verification accurate? Providing it is used correctly, it is generally very accurate.
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