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Full Version: Peck, full out
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Hey everyone,

I've tried to figure this out, and searched here but still having problems. I'm trying to figure out how to do a full retract while pecking during a drill cycle. I'm currently doing a peck with chip break, but would like to retract fully out of the hole, especially when drilling Delrin. Is this possible or am I just missing it? Thanks in advance.

Yes, for the 'Hole machining' operation you need to be using the 'Deep drilling' routine, this should create a G83 cycle for most g-code controls.
If your postprocessor isn't working correctly for this then as a workaround you could try using the 'Hole machining 5D' operation instead and set the drilling type to 'Chip removing' and 'NC Code format' to 'Long hand'.
This last option expands the drilling into the separate moves instead of creating a canned cycle (e.g. G83) and should work for most operations except tapping.

I hope this helps.

It took awhile for me to get back to this project, but you were right on the money Dave. Thanks a ton (once again!) are turning me into a SprutCAM fan!

I wish SprutCAM showed pecking in the's hard to figure out what the different drilling routines will do until you actually fire up the machine. If I was able to see what it was going to do, I might have been able to figure it out, but Deep Drilling sounded too scary to try without knowing for sure.
QUOTE (C*H*U*D @ Feb 7 2012, 02:09 PM) *
but Deep Drilling sounded too scary to try without knowing for sure.

I know exactly what you mean biggrin.gif

Unfortunately, the 'Hole Machining' operation does not simulate the separate steps of the drilling cycle. If however you use the 'Hole Machining 5D' operation it will simulate the separate steps for you. Please note that your postprocessor will have to have been created / modified to suit this type of operation (Hole Machining 5D) if you want to use the cycles (G81 - G82 etc.).
If your postprocessor doesn't work for Hole Machining 5D, then you can still use it but you must make sure that you select 'NC Code format' - 'Long hand' which will produce the g-code broken down into the separate moves (G0 / G1 etc.).
It wont work for tapping (G84) etc., only unsynchronised operations.

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