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Full Version: PCNC post processor.
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I am slowly working my way through the post processor for PCNC. I started from scratch with SC Inp in order to create a 'Clean' copy of the post processor. (nothing in it but what is needed, not just a modified version of one from another machine).

I have been doing this to obtain an understanding of both SC and my PCNC control program, both of which I have had about 6 months. This is being done on weekends and any other time I find to work on it. I have some experience with programming, a lot installing computer systems, some in machine work. (Mostly in my home shop.)

I have been working through each SC CL instruction and starting with a copy of that portion from the supplied PCNC post processor, copying, providing comments and cleaning up code to the best of my ability and understanding. As I have been moving along I have been creating small project files to test the various functions. I am also following this forum topic and trying to incorporate fixes I see.

I do not know what the ABSMLT and INCMLT functions do, and can't quite understand them from the manual or the code in the existing POST.

If someone could help me create a project that causes these funtions to be used it would help.

Once I have finished I will make my post available to any who want to use it, with the usual disclaimers "Use at your own risk ... etc. etc.

Rick Germani
Alibre Design 9.1
SprutCam 4 Build 129
Tormach PCNC1100 mill
Mike Henry

Wish I could help but I'm a few months behind you with the same mill and CAD/CAM setup.

However, in case you weren't aware of it, Terry Mayhugh has been also been working on posts for the Tormach mill.

Rick, I have never seen any output from SprutCAM that relates to these commands either. Looking at the Help files it suggests that they are related to '' CLData, but I have only ever seen 'Goto.abs'.
I have never asked the question of Sprut but I'm guessing that they didn't write the core of the Inp.exe but maybe use it under license, because there seems to be functionality in there that SprutCAM doesn't use (yet) e.g. Origin - ClearP - Incr etc.
If you look at the 'ClearP' program you will see that it states "Not implemented in TPS"...........anyone know what TPS stands for?

Good luck with your postprocessor work, it'll be nice to have someone else on here who can give some pointers too....

Hi All

After a long time I finally managed to get back to this. I think I have a 'Working' post processor. My intention when I started was to try to create a PP that didn't have anything but what was necessary in it.

I have added a couple of things I haven't seen yet.

1) Some code to check whether the model is in Imperial or Metric units and output the appropriate g20 or g21 code.

2) Code to allow SC to supply the appropriate extra parameter to over ride the tool diameter when using compensation. (Not that I think this will be all that
useful, I just got stubborn when I couldn't find an easy solution.)

3) Some code to ad the date and time to the top of the NC file so you know when it was produced.

I have added lots of comments to try to keep things understandable. I have done some testing by comparing output with the latest PP for PCNC on the SC site.

So far I haven't uploaded anything here, but I will try.........

Well, that didn't work, is there a faq on this new Forum, or can some one help me out posting this?
I think that the forum software will only allow certain file extensions as attachments. You could try attaching it as a *.zip file maybe?

I still can't seem to upload anything. I have left a message with the administrator, but so far haven't received a reply.

At any rate it is probably for the best. It seem I missed an '!' and then missed finding the error in the NC code and now have a new 'blemish' in my machine table. sad.gif
Better to learn on a $6000.00 machine that a $60,000 machine I guess. If anyone is still interested in a copy of the post processor I am working on email me and I
will send it on as I am able.

Sorry to hear of your mishap resulting in a tool/table happens to all of us at some time........
The good news is that attachments are now working correctly on the forum........
Here is my version of the PCNC1100 post processor. Be sure to check the output very carefully if you decide to use it. Hopefully my efforts to comment as much as possible will help others understand things.
I welcome comments, suggestions and of course if anyone finds something wrong, an update to the forum would be appreciated by all.

PS. I commented out the output portion for the G41/42 code that allowed SC to supply the tool diameter as an override. I decided it wasn't really necessary.

Click to view attachment
I just downloaded you post, and it looks good so far. I wasn't getting full 4 axis outputs from the original post for my PCNC. I could get 4th indexing but not true 4th.
I will dry run it today. I have a lot of need for this ability with my new products I want to make for this year.
Rory D.

I just received my SprutCam software (with postprocessing) last night so I will likely give your postprocessor a try. One of the reasons for my buying SprutCam was that it looked like doing a four axis would be possible and your code looks to be the solution. What great timing! Thanks in advance.

Robert Parent
Savage, MN USA

I haven't had time to keep up with this forum as I have other issues on the go. I did notice that Tormach has recently brought out a newer version of the post processor than I was working with when I made this one. Just reminding everyone to keep their options open and check the manufactures web site as well. Bear in mind that you have to have the 'All Posts' version of SC in order to use this post processor.
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