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SprutCAM forum _ SprutCAM 7 _ Empty Machining Tab

Posted by: rjames Apr 9 2012, 03:16 PM


I'm brand new to Sprut Cam 7 (using the 30 trial). I have just installed the product and started going thru the Youtube vids by sprut cam Americas. While following along, I see the machining tab being picked. I my case this tab has nothing in it's window. I have tried searching this forum for "empty machining tab" but get no results.

It may help you to know that I get an error when asked to do the online registration. When I pick ok to start the registration, I get the following message "socket error #10054 connection reset by peer. I don't know if these two are related.

I just uninstalled sprut cam, shut down my computer, and reinstalled Sprut CAM with no improvement in these problems.

Your help is appreciated.


Posted by: Sprut_UK Apr 9 2012, 03:57 PM

Hi Roger, and welcome to the SprutCAM forum.

It does sound like the online registration process has failed to complete correctly for your installation.

In SprutCAM, if you go to the 'Help' menu, is the 'On-line registration' option enabled or is it greyed out?


Posted by: rjames Apr 9 2012, 04:07 PM


Thanks for the quick reply. The "Online Registration" is grayed out in the help menu.

However, something interesting happened earlier. When I was asked if I wanted to do the online registration, I picked No and the SprutCAM Registration dialog appeared. It had a password at the top but the Key field was blank. I filled out the form and picked the "send password by e-mail" button. I just checked my email and have not gotten anything back yet. Will this eventually get me a code I can use to activate the product?

Thanks for your help,


Posted by: Sprut_UK Apr 9 2012, 04:15 PM

Ok, I will send you a Personal Message via the forum.


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