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SprutCAM forum _ SprutCAM 7 _ thread milling video

Posted by: Deep Mar 9 2012, 07:25 PM

I've been thread milling for a while with a "single thread" cutter with great success, mostly tapered NPT. I recently acquired a couple thread mills that have a single carbide insert with 7 teeth and I don't know how to approach the process with SC7. From the videos I've seen these cutters start from the bottom and complete the threads in 1 to 2 rotations. I read that Sprutcam UK had a thread mill video but so far haven't been able to find / download it. I thought that SC7 might have these multiple tooth cutters in the tool library, do I need to create them?

Eric at Tormach did a nice job with his thread milling video but that is using a "single thread" cutter working from the top down.

Any tips for figuring out the best process / method to do this with SC7 would be greatly appreciated!


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