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SprutCAM forum _ SprutCAM Postprocessors _ Modifying a post processor Age 3

Posted by: Bob Gray Apr 4 2014, 03:28 AM

Hi, how hard is it to modify a post processor for the prototrak. I output a file using the supplied post processor and noticed that there were some conversion to Age 3 problems. Such as only starting to feed in once the tool had already rappited to depth.

Is it possible to change the post so it outputs in this format. The company has an old seat of Surfcam and Age 3 seems okay if the format is like the Attached.

N5 (ID,PROG,1 ,1 ,0)
N10 G90 G17
N15 (.125)
N20 G90 S5000 M03
N25 T01 M06
N30 G00 X000.032 Y000.165
N35 Z001.
N40 G00 Z000.1
N45 G01 Z-000.06 F020.
N50 G03 X000.125 Y000.072 I000.093 J0
N55 G01 X011.375
N60 G02 X011.572 Y-000.125 I0 J-000.197
N65 G01 Y-006.625
N70 G02 X011.375 Y-006.822 I-000.197 J0
N75 G01 X000.125
N80 G02 X-000.072 Y-006.625 I0 J000.197
N85 G01 Y-000.125
N90 G02 X000.125 Y000.072 I000.197 J0
N95 G03 X000.218 Y000.165 I0 J000.093
N100 G01 X000.032 Y000.155
N105 G03 X000.125 Y000.062 I000.093 J0
N110 G01 X011.375
N115 G02 X011.562 Y-000.125 I0 J-000.187
N120 G01 Y-006.625
N125 G02 X011.375 Y-006.812 I-000.187 J0
N130 G01 X000.125
N135 G02 X-000.062 Y-006.625 I0 J000.187
N140 G01 Y-000.125
N145 G02 X000.125 Y000.062 I000.187 J0
N150 G03 X000.218 Y000.155 I0 J000.093
N155 G00 Z001.
N160 (.125)
N165 X010.325 Y-004.4726
N170 Z000.1
N175 G01 Z-000.06
N180 G03 X010.418 Y-004.3796 I0 J000.093
N185 X010.24 Y-004.2016 I-000.178 J0
N190 X010.062 Y-004.3796 I0 J-000.178
N195 X010.24 Y-004.5576 I000.178 J0
N200 X010.418 Y-004.3796 I0 J000.178
N205 X010.325 Y-004.2866 I-000.093 J0
N210 G01 X010.335 Y-004.4726
N215 G03 X010.428 Y-004.3796 I0 J000.093
N220 X010.24 Y-004.1916 I-000.188 J0
N225 X010.052 Y-004.3796 I0 J-000.188
N230 X010.24 Y-004.5676 I000.188 J0
N235 X010.428 Y-004.3796 I0 J000.188
N240 X010.335 Y-004.2866 I-000.093 J0
N245 G00 Z001.
N250 X009.517 Y-001.037
N255 Z000.1
N260 G01 Z-000.06
N265 G03 X009.424 Y-000.944 I-000.093 J0
N270 G01 Y-002.576
N275 X011.056
N280 Y-000.944
N285 X009.424
N290 G03 X009.517 Y-001.037 I000.093 J0
N295 G01 X009.507 Y-001.027
N300 G03 X009.414 Y-000.934 I-000.093 J0
N305 G01 Y-002.586
N310 X011.066
N315 Y-000.934
N320 X009.414
N325 G03 X009.507 Y-001.027 I000.093 J0
N330 G00 Z001.
N335 X008.1525 Y-001.395
N340 Z000.1
N345 G01 Z-000.06
N350 G03 X008.0595 Y-001.302 I-000.093 J0
N355 G01 Y-002.218
N360 X008.7955
N365 Y-001.302
N370 X008.0595
N375 G03 X008.1525 Y-001.395 I000.093 J0
N380 G01 X008.1425 Y-001.385
N385 G03 X008.0495 Y-001.292 I-000.093 J0
N390 G01 Y-002.228
N395 X008.8055
N400 Y-001.292
N405 X008.0495
N410 G03 X008.1425 Y-001.385 I000.093 J0
N415 G00 Z001.
N420 X006.566 Y-002.068
N425 Z000.1
N430 G01 Z-000.06
N435 G03 X006.659 Y-001.975 I0 J000.093
N440 X005.7 Y-001.016 I-000.959 J0
N445 X004.741 Y-001.975 I0 J-000.959
N450 X005.7 Y-002.934 I000.959 J0
N455 X006.659 Y-001.975 I0 J000.959
N460 X006.566 Y-001.882 I-000.093 J0
N465 G01 X006.576 Y-002.068
N470 G03 X006.669 Y-001.975 I0 J000.093
N475 X005.7 Y-001.006 I-000.969 J0
N480 X004.731 Y-001.975 I0 J-000.969
N485 X005.7 Y-002.944 I000.969 J0
N490 X006.669 Y-001.975 I0 J000.969
N495 X006.576 Y-001.882 I-000.093 J0
N500 G00 Z001.
N505 X008.1525 Y-004.0146
N510 Z000.1
N515 G01 Z-000.06
N520 G03 X008.0595 Y-003.9216 I-000.093 J0
N525 G01 Y-004.8376
N530 X008.7955
N535 Y-003.9216
N540 X008.0595
N545 G03 X008.1525 Y-004.0146 I000.093 J0
N550 G01 X008.1425 Y-004.0046
N555 G03 X008.0495 Y-003.9116 I-000.093 J0
N560 G01 Y-004.8476
N565 X008.8055
N570 Y-003.9116
N575 X008.0495
N580 G03 X008.1425 Y-004.0046 I000.093 J0
N585 G00 Z001.
N590 X006.1019 Y-005.2226
N595 Z000.1
N600 G01 Z-000.06
N605 G03 X006.1949 Y-005.1296 I0 J000.093
N610 X005.6769 Y-004.6116 I-000.518 J0
N615 X005.1589 Y-005.1296 I0 J-000.518
N620 X005.6769 Y-005.6476 I000.518 J0
N625 X006.1949 Y-005.1296 I0 J000.518
N630 X006.1019 Y-005.0366 I-000.093 J0
N635 G01 X006.1119 Y-005.2226
N640 G03 X006.2049 Y-005.1296 I0 J000.093
N645 X005.6769 Y-004.6016 I-000.528 J0
N650 X005.1489 Y-005.1296 I0 J-000.528
N655 X005.6769 Y-005.6576 I000.528 J0
N660 X006.2049 Y-005.1296 I0 J000.528
N665 X006.1119 Y-005.0366 I-000.093 J0
N670 G00 Z001.
N675 X003.31 Y-005.2526
N680 Z000.1
N685 G01 Z-000.06
N690 G03 X003.403 Y-005.1596 I0 J000.093
N695 X003.1 Y-004.8566 I-000.303 J0
N700 X002.797 Y-005.1596 I0 J-000.303
N705 X003.1 Y-005.4626 I000.303 J0
N710 X003.403 Y-005.1596 I0 J000.303
N715 X003.31 Y-005.0666 I-000.093 J0
N720 G01 X003.32 Y-005.2526
N725 G03 X003.413 Y-005.1596 I0 J000.093
N730 X003.1 Y-004.8466 I-000.313 J0
N735 X002.787 Y-005.1596 I0 J-000.313
N740 X003.1 Y-005.4726 I000.313 J0
N745 X003.413 Y-005.1596 I0 J000.313
N750 X003.32 Y-005.0666 I-000.093 J0
N755 G00 Z001.
N760 X003.2175 Y-002.098
N765 Z000.1
N770 G01 Z-000.06
N775 G03 X003.3105 Y-002.005 I0 J000.093
N780 X003.1 Y-001.7945 I-000.2105 J0
N785 X002.8895 Y-002.005 I0 J-000.2105
N790 X003.1 Y-002.2155 I000.2105 J0
N795 X003.3105 Y-002.005 I0 J000.2105
N800 X003.2175 Y-001.912 I-000.093 J0
N805 G01 X003.2275 Y-002.098
N810 G03 X003.3205 Y-002.005 I0 J000.093
N815 X003.1 Y-001.7845 I-000.2205 J0
N820 X002.8795 Y-002.005 I0 J-000.2205
N825 X003.1 Y-002.2255 I000.2205 J0
N830 X003.3205 Y-002.005 I0 J000.2205
N835 X003.2275 Y-001.912 I-000.093 J0
N840 G00 Z001.
N845 X001.075 Y-001.25
N850 Z000.1
N855 G01 Z-000.06
N860 G03 X001.168 Y-001.157 I0 J000.093
N865 G01 X000.552
N870 Y-005.285
N875 G03 X000.86 Y-005.593 I000.308 J0
N880 X001.168 Y-005.285 I0 J000.308
N885 G01 Y-001.157
N890 G03 X001.075 Y-001.25 I0 J-000.093
N895 G01 X001.085 Y-001.24
N900 G03 X001.178 Y-001.147 I0 J000.093
N905 G01 X000.542
N910 Y-005.285
N915 G03 X000.86 Y-005.603 I000.318 J0
N920 X001.178 Y-005.285 I0 J000.318
N925 G01 Y-001.147
N930 G03 X001.085 Y-001.24 I0 J-000.093
N935 G00 Z001.
N940 M09
N945 G49 Z0 M05
N950 G00 X0 Y0
N955 M30

Posted by: Sprut_UK Apr 4 2014, 09:21 AM

Hi Bob,

What are the conversion problems precisly? Are you importing the g-code as a CAM file? Do you have the DNC option fitted to the machine / control?
In my experience, when using the retrieve CAM option with the older ProtoTRAK controls it is not uncommon for there to be 'Parallel mill to mill' errors etc. which basically means 2 milling moves that represent a straight line. This most commonly occurs where any CAM software generates a Z feed move down to the top of the job followed by another Z feed move down to the first depth.
The DNC mode simply runs the native g-code file without the need for conversion and allows full 3D machining avoiding the CAM conversion errors.

Later ProtoTRAK's (PT4 / PT5) use *gcd files instead which is basically the same as the previous *.dnc files but with slightly better support for CRC (G41 / 42 etc.).

It is possible to emulate the native ProtoTRAK language although this is a lot more involved but can solve 'Parallel mill to mill' errors.


Posted by: Bob Gray Apr 4 2014, 08:54 PM

I took a very careful look at the code. At least one error is a missing decimal point. I'll be done with the job today and try stepping threw the post op code and see if I can isolate the problem.

Posted by: Sprut_UK Apr 6 2014, 09:59 AM

QUOTE (Bob Gray @ Apr 4 2014, 09:54 PM) *
I took a very careful look at the code. At least one error is a missing decimal point. I'll be done with the job today and try stepping threw the post op code and see if I can isolate the problem.

Ok, thanks for the update. Let us know where the errors lie in the created g-code file, then we can look for the cause either within the postprocessor itself or maybe within the SprutCAM project.


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